When in Rome eat like the Romans. Antipasto was fried eggplant and bruschetta, Primo was Grilled Fish in a white with potatoes, the Secundo was Grilled mushrooms in olive oil. For Dessert Tiramisu with caffe con latte. 



First day in Venice after a long night of travel with a two hour delay. We got a workout walking through beautiful ancient sites. Varna all mask craftsman, churches, ancient crypt, water ways are a means of life in Venice. Friendly people everywhere 

Italy 2016 Global Teacher Fellow

gondolaitalyJames Madison University photo

Buon Appetito! Living and Learning Italian:  Our team consists of a teacher to English for Speakers of Other Languages Mrs. Norma Pando and a Culinary Arts and FACS teacher Mrs. Frankey Schmidt.  The main goal of our travel is to explore Italy’s Ancient and rich culture, language, and culinary arts in order to expand the knowledge to our respective teaching fields.  We plan to bring back the acquired knowledge to our school and community.  Ultimately, we will bring the Italian world to them.

As recipients of the Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellowship Award we will be able to accomplish a once in a lifetime dream to explore Italy and bring its richness back to those we teach.  Our journey will commence shortly from our small remote rural town of Cimarron, Kansas.  Welcome to our page and stay tuned to all the adventures waiting to be captured not just in photographs but in our hearts.

This Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellowship was made possible with funds from The Rural School and Community Trust, helping rural schools and communities grow better together.

Washington, DC: Norma Pando and Frankey Schmidt of Cimarron, Kansas have been awarded a Rural Teacher Global Fellowship sponsored by the Rural School and Community Trust. The goal of fellowship is to create unique personal and professional development experiences for rural teachers. Fellows design their own international fellowship experience, learning goals for themselves and their students, and anticipated benefits for their school and community.

According to Robert Mahaffey, Executive Director of the Rural School and Community Trust, “This program enriches the personal and professional growth of rural teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and on their school communities.” Funded by an anonymous donor, the program is in its fifth year and will continue as a flagship initiative of the Rural School and Community Trust’s Rural Teacher Development Center.

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Rural School and Community Trust

The Rural School and Community Trust is a national nonprofit organization addressing the crucial relationship between good schools and thriving communities. Our mission is to help rural schools and communities grow better together. Working in some of the poorest, most challenging places, the Rural Trust involves young people in learning linked to their communities, improves the quality of teaching and school leadership, and advocates in a variety of ways for appropriate state educational policies, including the key issue of equitable and adequate funding for rural schools.

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Buon Appetito: Living and learning Italian